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The team behind Symphysodon are a diverse and talented bunch, united by our love of technology
and seeking new and innovative ways to use it in our work. The easiest way to describe what we do,
is to take a look at some of our past and actively ongoing [beta] release work, as below.

Mektropolis [beta]

Our team are engaged in a number of game projects based around the dystopian future universe of Mektropolis, a place where humanity battles alone for its very survival. Powered by the incredible Unreal Engine, Mektropolis is an ambitious first person perspective (FPS) combat and trading game available to play for free online.


Professionally penned and actively developed, Bulktimes is an online magazine format for health and personal development. The site contains a diverse range of articles written to a high standard by a mix of health care professionals and journalists.

Marifact [beta]

Our Marifact project is a live steaming database of ships and global weather, using complex algorithms to simplify access to historical AIS (movement) records of merchant vessel tracks around the globe, and the weather they encountered on passage. The site also includes a number of innovative on-screen tools to allow user manipulation of data.

Coding on Demand

The Symphy team are always looking for new and interesting projects to engage with,
so if you have something in mind then reach out and we will be happy to discuss with you.